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LOOL, founded in 2009, is a Brazilian fashion brand of accessories that has in its DNA irreverence, restless architectural forms, and personality.Marked by a continuous curatorship of new forms and materials, the brand produces bijoux that privileges volume, texture, and size. With a vintage perfume and a creative bureau that seeks reference on vintage pieces to bring in a neo-contemporary style, LOOL, in addition to producing its own line, is exporting its expertise to different Brazilian brands, thus firming creative and commercial partnerships.
From the beginning, this expertise has been recognized and diversified in the development of special bijoux for the most impressive national brands.
Resin, wood, stone and acrylics are LOOL’s core materials and are present in all seasons. Engaged in different artistic currents – from vanguard to pop art – the creativity of the brand is marked by the influence of Luiza Setúbal.
At the forefront of the Brazilian fashion accessories, LOOL has, for almost 10 years, expanded its creative partnership with new designers and artists. The brand attracts consumers attentive to the cool, with a sense of humor and originality.


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